Lakhwinder Singh Randhawa is the founder of the Universe Inventors Pvt. Ltd is the man with a passion for his work with an experience of 40 years in multiple businesses as Director, Proprietor, Partner, and MD. He has shown remarkable success and magical growth in all the Businesses he pursued in his life. This new venture is founded by him with a unique idea” to help people to grow and also start their new business” and promises to show all potentials to support in their Business through his Business. He is a God-fearing man with the goodness of human nature. The new world of today is the changing world with the digitalization and globalization.

The digital media has made the world very small and accessible. So, this new venture designed to keep all this in mind. It is going to be so exciting for the people when they will be able to start a new business by connecting with the company as their lives will change, they’ll learn more and live a successful life. When the people get benefited from the project: the moral of the company will be achieved “a good deed reaps a good result” His entrepreneurial vision and management have made him ace at every start-up that he created, and he truly mentors the associates and clients.