Gurpartap Singh Randhawa is the co-founder of the Universe Inventors Pvt. Ltd. with eight years of experience in business as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). He makes the product available and accessible with different molding strategies, and also the man with solutions regarding the organization and his strategic tie-ups boost the overall growth of the company. He helps in getting all clearances done regarding the business landscape, complex organizational structures, rapid globalization, new regulations, or other issues in terms of business. All these fields are essential in the execution of the business plan.He is the man who is ever ready and always energetic to formulate, facilitate, and communicate the organization’s initiation and future goals.

Gurpartap Singh Randhawa believes in a holistic growth approach; has the unmatched ability to create the best possible outcome with the resources at the disposal. Rational thinking, meticulous execution, and never say never attitude has made him the fuel that keeps things going at the Universe Inventors Pvt. Ltd. He is very passionate about his work with a whole lot of new ideas as he understands the market scenario and trends very well.